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Laura Cameron

Laura Cameron was born in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. While growing up, her family relocated to Toronto, Ontario. More recently, Laura calls Panama in Central Latin America, home.


Her love for the ocean, its warm breeze and her admiration of all things nature are satisfied daily through the entrepreneurial, laptop lifestyle she can lead.


After watching both of her parents devote their lives to the corporate rat race, from layoffs to illness with no care or concern from their employers, Laura knew that was not in the cards for her.


Happily married to her best friend, she plays an active role in her husband’s business.  Her husband is a tremendous supporter in her own business ventures, in those she runs independently and collaboratively with him.


Laura practices a heathy lifestyle, a self-proclaimed yogi and a lover of all things spiritual, from sunsets to sunrise, beautiful moons and all things nature has to offer. The scenery Laura surrounds herself with is a huge reflection of her character. Caring and considerate of others, focused and persistent in her business with customers and clients.


She is results driven and has become an expert in both building relationships with clients and businesses as well as becoming the go to as a business connector.


Having the experience in different industries and knowing the influential people, including but not limited to the financial industry, real estate industry, online and website presence, sales and marketing, Laura’s database is a wealth of relationships. Laura plays a strong role and is passionate in being a liaison between different businesses, ventures, and investments.

Laura Cameron possesses many accredited accomplishments,
 in addition Laura has also successfully completed a multitude of courses:

[qode_interactive_icon_showcase][qode_interactive_icon_showcase_item icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-star” title=”PR Marketing” text=”Certificate of Promotional Marketing”][qode_interactive_icon_showcase_item icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-star” title=”Business Photography” text=”Certificate in Business Photography”][qode_interactive_icon_showcase_item icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-star” title=”Disability Insurance” text=”Licensed Disability Insurance”][qode_interactive_icon_showcase_item icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-star” title=”Landmark” text=”Landmark Graduate”][qode_interactive_icon_showcase_item icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-star” title=”Real Estate Investment” text=”Real Estate Investment and Business Program
“][qode_interactive_icon_showcase_item icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-star” title=”Sales” text=”Accelerate your Sales/Innovative Products”][qode_interactive_icon_showcase_item icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-star” title=”Specializations” text=”Specialized Sales, Profits and Achievement”][qode_interactive_icon_showcase_item icon_pack=”font_awesome” icon=”fa-star” title=”Pitching” text=”Pitching Major Accounts”][/qode_interactive_icon_showcase]

Laura continues to build her businesses and brands from the beaches of the world and encourages her clients and customers to live out their business dreams, one day at a time. She is an example of all things possible and those who are privileged to work with her know this first hand.


Laura’s commitment and dedication to her client’s success are of the utmost importance to her. The attention to detail and necessity are never overlooked and her clients can rest assured that their needs are always the priority and can feel confident that the work couldn’t be in better hands.


Contact Laura Cameron today. 

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