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Realtors can consider ROI from income-generating properties, to mortgage syndication developer contracts (which allow them VIP to other pre-construction deals) to Private Business Projects.


Should you invest in real estate? Is this a good time to do so? And if you decide to become a private investor, what’s the best way to go about it? These are common questions asked by realtors who are;


  1. Looking for additional streams of income 
  2. The ability to offer clients syndication property investments that include pre-construction and/or other private business deals 
  3. Wanting to invest in properties both locally and/or abroad*
  4. Travel property investments*
  5. Exclusive Ownership Projects in Panama*



*Specifically to Panama, Central America – VIP clients have access to Panama properties and pre-construction. Ideal for roi homes, vacation homes, retirement homes, rental properties, etc.

As a starting point, any investor should ask:
Are you an active or a passive investor?

It is important to recognize that investing locally or globally can be an ideal scenario for many – It’s also true that there are strong markets around the world, and there are fantastic opportunities in certain parts of Latin America especially.


With real estate, you can invest a relatively small sum of money to control a large asset. Real estate is also a great way to protect your hard-won capital.

Your asset is real, productive and has a use.


Historically, land has been one of the best hedges against inflation and turmoil.
People will always need somewhere to live.


For more information on Canadian, Panamanian or Business Investments that are available, contact Laura today! 

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